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in the metaverse

Move beyond virtual events!

Meet in an environment where each attendee has control over their interactions. Colleagues and friends from around the world can enjoy natural interactions, gorgeous architecture, and the ability to mingle, moving in and out of conversations naturally. Best of all, attendees can arrive early or hang out after the meeting to chat one-on-one–or chase down that hard-to-reach colleague—just like in-person meetings.

Screenshot of several people meeting up in a virtual conference room

Standing meetings

You can establish a set time each week, or each day, for tech support hours, working sessions, or brainstorming. People can pop in to chat about their needs and questions, break easily into working groups, or enjoy full-team collaboration.

Rent or customize a meeting room, or we can create a space perfectly suited to your brand.

Explore our office models 
Screenshot of a virtual meeting space centered around a square wooden table

Announcements & brand activations

When you hold your announcement or brand event in the metaverse, your attendance is more diverse, reaching those who can’t travel to the event. Media reps, for example, have limited travel budgets, but can easily pop in for a relevant announcement. Best feature: you can have total control over the environment to boost your brand.

Check out our office park. 
Screenshot of a virtual event taking place on a large yacht, with confetti falling from the sky

Conferences and workshops

The environment of your meeting matters. Even online, the background and venue can help bring people together, increase engagement, and infuse your gathering with energy.

Add a hybrid component to your conference to attract those who cannot travel–or consider a metaverse immersion!

Hybrid experiences increase the diversity of attendees, help reduce your organization’s climate footprint, and measure engagement in ways that are not feasible for live interactions.

Visit our demo hall for ideas. 
Screenshot of a poster session occurring during a virtual conference, as attendees ask questions of presenters