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About us

Who we are

We are a group of physicists, engineers, economists, communicators, and artists with a passion for technology, creative problem solving, and learning.

We combine our diverse interests with deep knowledge of design, writing, web development, and marketing strategy to create a team that thrives on meeting marketing challenges creatively.

We joined Uncork-it for the same reasons we went into the arts and sciences: we want to make our vision of the future a reality.

A future where people are healthy and diseases are curable. A future where innovative businesses of all sizes can thrive. A future where technology works alongside us to push boundaries.

We share this vision with our clients—and we team up to make it come true.

  • A photo of Eileen


    • Our fearless leader
    • Head of strategy
    • Usability specialist
  • A photo of Erin


    • Director of client services
    • Proposal crafter
    • Good energy
  • A photo of Kara


    • Director of Strategy
    • Trendwatcher
    • Devil's advocate
  • A photo of Andrew


    • Art Director
    • Graphic Designer
    • Video Editor
  • A photo of Sara


    • Art Director
    • Virtual Architect
    • Master of the Labyrinth
  • A photo of Bill


    • Strategist
    • Experimentalist
    • Riddlemaster
  • A photo of Charlie


    • Senior web developer/
    • Color manipulator
    • The enforcer
  • A photo of Charlie


    • Quality assurance coordinator
    • Project organizer
    • Comedian


A veteran of technology marketing, Eileen is our chief strategist, marketer, and COO. She’s been involved in all aspects of marketing communications and can select the right tool for the problem with precision and success.

Before founding this firm, she worked with international marketing communications for DuPont’s engineering materials products, including Teflon, Mylar, Kapton, Rynite, desalination, and more. Prior to that, she worked at Air Products & Chemicals in advertising, PR, and financial reporting.

She holds a B.A. degree from Lehigh University in Journalism/Science Writing and Economics. She minored in Russian. She studied Advertising Design at Syracuse University where her research explored the images that sell technology.


Andrea’s ideal day involves a good mix of creative strategy and connecting with people—and most importantly, connecting them with each other. With a background in all aspects of business, marketing, technology, healthcare, and education, Andrea is no stranger to the challenges of running businesses or empowering communities. Not only is she not afraid to tackle the unknown, she thrives on it.

Andrea’s good energy and calming presence keep us going on those days when we’re each working on a dozen projects. Whatever it takes, she’ll get the job done. And then she’ll be the life of the party to celebrate!

She has a B.S. in Mining and Mineral Engineering from Virginia Tech, and studied accounting, marketing, and data science at the University of Lynchburg.


Kara is one of those rare hybrids who is equally comfortable discussing philosophy, engineering or ancient languages. If there is an unusual angle or perspective to an issue we're working on, Kara is sure to find it — giving our strategies that extra power. Her magical ability with numbers gives our clients the needed analysis of results to precisely target their marketing.

Kara has a degree in economics from Virginia Tech, with a minor in professional writing. She has co-authored two conference papers on e-textiles research. A classical harpist, she also has a background in electrical engineering and is an accomplished costumer. Also a polished speaker, she currently serves as president of the Christiansburg Toastmaster’s Club.


A talented designer, Andrew brings expertise in digital media, animation, and motion design. He digs into every project fearlessly, looking at it from multiple perspectives. Andrew has an eye for design of all kinds, and if you spot a humorous vignette of office supplies and company swag, Andrew is probably the culprit.

His designs are compelling and engaging, with a penchant for over-the-top typography. He earned a B.F.A. with a concentration in Graphic Design from Radford University.


Lightning really does strike twice for Sara. Once when she rejoined us as a designer, electrifying our designs and supercharging our virtual meeting spaces, and once again when it struck her house, traveling through her air conditioning system to attack her in her basement stronghold.

While we’re still waiting to see if she develops new superpowers, her existing expertise in visual design is stunning. Sara confidently undertakes any project, from posters and branding to websites and virtual events. Her virtual event space designs make us wish reality looked that good!

Sara has a B.F.A. with a concentration in Graphic Design from Longwood University.


With expertise in biological systems engineering and running a business, Bill understands both our clients’ audiences and their business needs. He loves acquiring new areas of expertise and diving into our clients’ fields. If he doesn’t speak your lingo, he will soon.

Bill runs our marketing experiments and research, as well as working on the strategy team. His logical methods, brilliant creativity, and intrinsic curiosity combine to form an unstoppable force pushing the boundaries of our strategies, research, and analysis.

Bill has undergraduate and master’s degrees in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, and widely varied expertise.


Charlie can be hard to describe. Yes, he's a web developer, but his talents with words and imagery often provide the spicy touch to our efforts. He also serves as one of our go-to proofreaders. He is the inventor of our proprietary exhibit system. Plus, he's an incredible cello player and chef.

Charlie has experience in both large and small organizations, from 2-person firms to the military. This experience gives him special insight into the processes and systems that growing organizations need. His website systems are organized, clear-cut, and easy for others to understand.

He has studied architecture, music, computer science, and intelligence.


Connie keeps us on time, on budget, and meeting the project specifications. With unparalleled organizational and project management skills, she can keep even the most overwhelmed team functioning smoothly. Connie has deep expertise in documentation, quality assurance, and process improvement—and she can turn anything into a humorous and compelling story. Connie studied computer programming at Creighton University, and has an MIS from Bellevue University.

A photo of the Uncork-it team discussing a project


Uncork-it was established from a marketing consultancy in 2009—during the depths of the Great Recession. We gathered an energetic, curious team of creative and intelligent professionals and built the kind of marketing agency we would want to hire. Tapping our strengths in engineering, science, medicine, and economic development, we gained a reputation for presenting complex issues in a way that encourages busy people to engage.

With our roots in one recession, Uncork-it was able to meet the COVID-19 crisis head on, offering crisis PR and pivoting into the virtual events space to help our clients thrive through this difficult time. We live by the truth that those who communicate effectively in the bad times come out ahead.

Uncork-it started life upstairs from a favorite restaurant in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia—a growing hub for innovation. As we grew, we found a home in Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center, where we enjoy exchanging ideas and creative concepts with the innovators around us.

Want to make the world listen?

A photo of Erin holding up an image of Charlie's head on a popscicle stick



Most of our work is highly collaborative, and we build on each other’s ideas and feedback. Communication is key and members of every department work together. At Uncork-it, designers can point out grammatical errors and writers can find software bugs.


We believe in our work, our coworkers, and our clients—working at the highest level of professional ethics.


In a fast-changing world, no individual or team can thrive without constant learning. We take the time to stay informed about the world and our specific areas of expertise, so our strategies and deliverables hit their goals.


We believe that everyone can win if we’re open and honest with each other and with our clients.

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