The 12 day website

We were able to create a new website for one of our clients in just 12 days, including writing, design, and development. Here's how we did it.

Agile search marketing

Agile search marketing is the perfect candidate for Agile marketing processes—Agile marketing and search marketing both rely on iterations and testing.

What is agile marketing?

Agile marketing is a system that helps marketers optimize their efforts by continual evaluating and testing. The process applies to projects and strategies.

What is a marketing audit?

A marketing audit, also known as a marketing appraisal, assessment, or evaluation, examines a company's marketing and evaluates how well it is working.

Do I need a marketing audit?

A marketing audit can be useful in several situations: as a regular checkup on activities, as a starting point for a marketing plan, or as a reality check.

Who should conduct my marketing audit?

There are three main options for who conducts your marketing audit: your internal team, your usual agency, or a third-party agency. Each has pros and cons.

Science writing: engaging readers without compromising accuracy

In negotiating the space between researchers and non-experts, science writing and technology writing must engage the reader without compromising accuracy.

The paradox of choice – in politics and in marketing

While presenting a customer with options might seem like a good idea, studies have shown that too many choices can be bad for business.

Know your customer – in elections and in marketing

Know your customer. This is one of the primary rules of marketing, but audiences and communities are not always easy to know.

Decisions are emotional – in politics and in marketing

Like advertisers, politicians understand the emotional component to decision-making. Each candidate tries to appeal to his/her constituency’s emotions.

5 reasons to create a marketing plan

Companies with a marketing plan tend to grow faster and stronger than those who don’t plan. Uncork-it explains how and why.

7 tips to carve out time for your marketing plan

How can you find time in a busy schedule to create a marketing plan? Uncork-it shares seven favorite tips from their experiences.

When numbers are deceiving

34 percent of people who click on ads do so by mistake. Uncork-it explains what this statistic might mean for your business.