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Research Groups

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit research groups and engineering departments particularly hard. Graduate applications are down, making it vital to win acceptance from the top applicants. Faculty and researcher recruitment is more difficult in a virtual world when you can’t woo them in person. And with budgets being cut everywhere, competition for funding is fierce. Your reputation has never been of greater importance.

Whether you need to host a virtual graduate recruiting event, energize your alumni with award-winning publications, or improve your reputation and rise in the US News rankings with creative research communications, we can deliver experiences that take you to the next level.

Rich experience with engineering audiences

With 30+ years’ experience communicating and marketing for research groups and university engineering departments, we know the pain points—and the marketing techniques that work.

We also know that marketing doesn’t have to be boring to be taken seriously by engineers and scientists—we’ve proved time and again that fun, creative marketing works even in this tough audience, many of whom are offended by traditional advertising.

We can write for audiences of any technical level, whether it’s press releases for the general public, publications for lawmakers, articles for other engineers or scientists, or proposals for funding agencies, we can write to the appropriate level of technical/specialized knowledge.

You change the world. We make it listen.

There is always a way to communicate the excitement of your research to both a broad public and a specialized audience.

Our work

Virtual Events

Graduate recruiting, poster sessions, or conferences have far greater success with a platform that enables natural interactions and networking. Our venues include interactive elements and areas to explore—guests to these events tend to overstay their welcome!

A poster session going virtual. These students worked on projects for two semesters, and were presenting to their peers, professors, and industry experts. Forced to go virtual, we created a space for them that generated all the excitement of the in-person event—and attracted guests who would not have been able to travel to an in-person event!

Graduate recruiting is important every year, but particularly challenging when they can’t visit in person. Our virtual events spaces can fill the void, allowing for natural interactions, private conversations, and fun explorations to break the ice.

Research and Alumni Publications

Research and alumni publications. Our award-winning publications consistently work to improve our clients’ reputation.

Our award-winning magazines highlight our clients’ research and offerings—and we produce all aspects, from interviews through design so that you can focus on what you do best.

Research organization, websites, and clever communications

When your group does diverse research, it can be hard to tie it together with coherent storylines. We excel at finding and telling these stories, in both traditional and unexpected ways.

Sometimes you need something a little different to cut through the noise. For the physical form of the infographic above, we created a poster that captivated those who received it.

Your work is exciting, and it makes a difference. Hype it up with high-quality video that showcases the impact while engaging your audience.

Researcher introductions

We introduce new faculty members or researchers and position them to attract graduate students and funding. This can include articles, postcards, press releases, and more—we’ll figure out the best mix of tools for each situation.

Whether it’s for attracting graduate students or funding, video is a powerful tool—especially for explaining complicated research.

Infographics and interactive communications both online and offline

Many complicated messages need more than just words to effectively communicate. We use static or interactive infographics to tell these stories.

A mockup of a website for an electronics design company called FDI, displayed on a phone and laptop

To be most effective, information needs to be presented in different ways for different audiences. We specialize in finding the right medium. Infographics like this can customize a technical message for specific audiences—in this case, funding agencies and fellow scientists and engineers. Our research clients keep coming back for more.

Technical writing and editing

Whether it’s a proposal that needs extra oomph, a press release that needs to get picked up by trade publications, or magazine articles about research successes, we can communicate to the audience you need to reach.

A mockup of a website for an electronics design company called FDI, displayed on a phone and laptop

When the funding agency has specific needs, and your research fills more than a magazine, we can meet even stringent federal requirements.

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