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Vibrant communities are every leader’s goal, whether the community is based on a shared location, a shared interest, or a shared goal.

The key is communication. Vibrant communities thrive with engaged, interacting citizens; they fail with poor communications.

For economic regions to thrive, leaders must communicate with people of all backgrounds and interests. And leaders aren’t just elected officials—they are also business owners, nonprofit directors, concerned citizens, teachers, and anyone who wants to make a difference.

In every case, these leaders face opposition from some quarter.

A solid communication strategy helps leaders explore different perspectives, navigate diverse opinions, and engage in ways that lead to support, consensus, or acceptance.

Everyone may not agree, but they can all contribute.

An image of a regional website with a Blacksburg magazine overlayed

Telling a community’s story is more than listing the high points. You must capture the feeling of the place.

Our work

A photo of the Welcome to Blacksburg magazine

Every community has a unique character that isn’t always visible on the surface. Materials that communicate that character must show it in everything from headlines to image placement. We love our local community, and are proud of how we expressed its character in a magazine to help a local company’s recruitment efforts.

A mockup of the VIC site on a phone and a laptop

A website isn’t just informational. It can also energize a community, and share that energy with others. For a region known for technological innovation, we converged on a website design that was clean, bold, and unusual.

In video, as in most communications, the details matter. Careful shot selection, animated logos, and finding new ways to portray your brand in motion can make video come alive.

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