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Virtual events.
Natural interactions.

Uncork-it creates immersive events, offices, and conferences in the metaverse—with no special headset needed. Colleagues and friends from around the world can enjoy natural interactions, gorgeous architecture, and the ability to mingle naturally, moving in and out of different conversations seamlessly.

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What makes our events amazing?

An image showing two people chatting in Gather, and how they can see each other when their avatars are close to each other.

Natural interactions

Just like in real life, you can walk into—and out of—conversations.

A photo of a woman using Gather on her laptop.

Minimal tech needs

All you need is a computer or tablet with video and audio capabilities.

A screenshot of a luxury hotel Gather space.

Immersive venues

Realistic, custom venues set the mood, and give you fun places to explore!

Event types

A screenshot of a virtual office.

Virtual/hybrid offices (we work in one ourselves!)

A screenshot of a virtual coworking space.

Virtual coworking spaces

A screenshot of three avatars at a table.

Offsites and executive meetings

A screenshot showing a group of people networking at a large table in Gather.

Networking events

A screenshot of a discussion at a recruiting event.

Recruiting events

A screenshot of someone training other people.


A screenshot of a Gather space with posters.

Poster sessions

A screenshot of a conference space in Gather.


A screenshot of a tradeshot floor.


A splitscreen view of a screenshot with images from an escape room, depicting an old-looking porch and a body chalk line.

Teambuilding events (we offer escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and more!)

A screenshot of a university Gather space.

School and university settings (office hours, graduate recruiting, alumni events, etc.)

A Gather space for a startup.

Startup/incubator communities

Cutting-edge tech, deep expertise

Looking for the ultimate Gather metaverse experience? We layer creative experiences and tools on the Gather.Town platform for exceptional engagement.

Extensive experience

Our extensive experience using (and expanding) the platform to create fun and immersive events keeps clients coming back.

Engaging custom venues

We specialize in creating realistic and engaging custom spaces—either invoking real-world locations or designing dream venues.

Seamless events

The Gather platform brings people together and fosters creativity, collaboration, and communication. As one of’s first partners, Uncork-it crafts inspiring events that are seamless and joy-filled.

Insider knowledge

With more than 175 successful events behind us, we have insider knowledge of how people enjoy working and relaxing in this early metaverse.

How do we do it?

With graphics that make you feel you are in a physical space, cool and surprising motion, ice-breakers and team building experiences that can beat IRL, and analytics that help you make your next event even better.

A screenshot of avatars at a table.

Immersive graphics make you feel like you’re there in person

A screenshot of a realistic-looking atrium in Gather.

In-event experiences keep conversation flowing

A splitscreen showing a line chart and dots showing Gather space analytics.

Event analytics show how well the event worked

Uncork-it’s proprietary features

We have developed our own set of features to expand the capabilities of Gather.Town. Some of these include:

A splitscreen of escape room situations, with a key icon overlaid.

Escape rooms, scavenger hunts, quizzes, and other interactive experiences.

An array of dots, showing activity during a Gather event, with a line chart icon overlaid.

Post-event metrics to show the success of all aspects of the event.

Several avatars standing near each other, with a speech bubble icon overlaid.

In-event support, helping attendees with technical issues

We are constantly adding new features as we stay on the cutting edge of this metaverse.

Our process

If you think Uncork-it might be the right partner for you, send us an email at, and we’ll set up a time to talk and show you some of our venues. If you like what you see, we’ll send you a proposal with different options. Pick one (or change one), then watch it all come together!

An avatar standing in front of a mail icon.

Email us

An arrow pointing right
Two avatars walking in front of a map icon.

Meet and tour our venues

An arrow pointing right
An avatar standing in front of a list icon.

Pick your options

An arrow pointing right
An avatar standing in front of a green circle with a starburst above them.

Enjoy the success!

Sample packages

When we send a proposal, it will include three custom options based on your needs. The following are examples of the different levels of customization we offer:

A three-panel view of a hotel, a yacht, and a spaceship, with a 1 overlaid.
Rent an Uncork-it venue

Uncork-it has many venues to rent, including urban luxury hotels, resorts, gardens, yachts, space ships, and more.

  • Your logos and brochures
  • Interactive objects
  • In-event tech support
  • Post-event analytics (add-on)
A two-panel view of two distinctly styled conference spaces, with a 2 overlaid.
Customize from our module library

Customize from our module library. We customize our templates, change colors, add rooms, move walls, or swap out furnishings.

  • Your logos and brochures
  • Interactive objects
  • In-event tech support
  • Post-event analytics (add-on)
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Private areas for staff or VIPs
  • Accessibility plugin
A three-panel view of a realistic atrium, a spiral staircase, and a bay with a boat, with a 3 overlaid
We create your dream space

We create your dream space. We can recreate real-world buildings or make your dream world a (virtual) reality.

  • Entirely custom venue that’s yours forever
  • Interactive objects
  • In-event tech support
  • Post-event analytics
  • Teambuilding activities
  • In-event games and leaderboards
  • Private areas for staff or VIPs
  • Accessibility plugin
  • Video recordings
  • Custom functionalities—announcements, go-karts, rooms that unlock at certain times, and more!

Are you ready to create your event?


Custom world
“Uncork-it created our world, which we used for an external event with 300 participants. The event was a great success and lives on in the memory of our guests. Thanks to Uncork-it for creating our custom world, which is even better than we expected! Great service on both sides, Gather and Uncork-it.”

—K.S., Merck AG

Networking party
“The party earlier today went GREAT! I am not sure how many unique people joined over the course, but I counted ~450 simultaneous participants at the peak time. People had a fabulous gathering there. Navigation in the space was very easy and people loved the treasure hunt activity using the custom art pieces designed by you. Thank you again for your help creating the awesome space, especially in such a tight timeline. You all are so inspiring!”

—Biotech firm

Global leadership event
“Our team had an absolute blast! Such a fun / different type of social / networking happy hour event. Much more fun than your typical zoom meeting!”

—Enterprise software firm

“I’d like to epically thank the entire Uncork-It team for helping us realize the vision for our conference. My other clients caught word of how well it went and they are all excited for what the future holds.”

—C. L. Allen Press

Team offsite
“The Uncork-it team are masters at designing Gather spaces! They create beautiful, well thought out spaces that make the virtual world incredibly inviting and engaging. Our team had a virtual offsite and the overwhelming feedback was how amazing the event space was. If you're looking to host a virtual event for your team, you must must must work with the Uncork-it team.”

—M.M., Program Manager, Uber

Corporate holiday party
“The party was FANTASTIC! The games and the roof were a HUGE hit. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space for us.”

—Marketing manager, Financial institution

“The poster session was very good. That format worked well for facilitating discussions similar to what would have happened at an in-person poster session.”

“The poster session was good as it could have been in a virtual meeting.”

—Attendee at American Physical Society (APS) Conference

“I attended the Summit yesterday and I wanted to let you know that I was blown away at the design for the Gather.Town map. I have done various projects for my university, but the way the summit was designed was very creative and well thought out!”

—Conference attendee

Student recruiting
“We needed to plan an event on short notice, and were looking for a unique and interactive experience for our guests. The team at Uncork-it was fantastic! They worked with us to find the option that was best for our needs and were able to accommodate our timeline and budget. They answered all of our questions, designed and built our custom virtual environment, incorporated our branding, and even provided event support. We could not have been more pleased with the final result.”

—K.S., Project Administrator, Research university

Escape room
“The most fun I've had on Gather!”

—Gather insider

Sales kickoff
“Our team had an absolute blast! Such a fun / different type of social / networking happy hour event. Much more fun than your typical zoom meeting!”

—Enterprise software firm

“Attendees and YCI team members alike commented on the space design, the ease of mobility through the space, and visually beautiful (and helpful!) layout. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are so grateful.”

—N.D., Youth Challenge International


We use avatar-based platforms connected to real video, where participants steer their avatar around event venues, exploring, networking, and bumping into their coworkers in the virtual hallways. When your avatar is near another avatar, video and audio connect and you can see and hear each other. When one of you walks away, the video and audio disconnect, allowing you to move into another conversation instead.

When most people hear “virtual event,” they shudder to think of another meeting where everyone stares at each other, droning on one at a time to the soundtrack of typing and chewing, courtesy of that person who always forgets to mute.

When our clients hear “virtual event,” they think of an immersive experience where colleagues and friends from around the world can enjoy natural interactions, gorgeous architecture, and the ability to mingle, moving in and out of different conversations seamlessly.

The difference? Our platform of choice: Gather.Town.

Gather.Town is an avatar-based virtual events platform, and an early contender in the metaverse.

Using Gather.Town is easy and natural:

  1. Log in
  2. Customize your avatar—to look like you, if you want
  3. Explore the space and interact with others!

When your avatar is near another person’s avatar, you can see and hear them. Walking your avatar away makes them fade out and disappear—just like in life, you can walk into (or out of) meetings and conversations.

The Gather platform works great for many types of events where people need to interact or network in a natural manner.

All Gather venues include access to videos, sounds, images, documents, webpages, games, and more! Gather can integrate with many other platforms, including popular videoconferencing platforms, and Uncork-it is always adding more features to our venues as well.

At Uncork-it, we love emerging technologies—whether they are developed by our clients or our partners. As one of Gather.Town’s earliest partners—and daily users—we can vouch for how well the platform addresses the challenges of virtual/hybrid work, events, and gatherings.

Absolutely. We can even design and send your invites and reminders, welcome your guests, provide in-event support, provide post-event surveys, and more.
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