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Virtual event spaces

Tradeshows? Cancelled.
Recruiting events? Postponed.
Professional society meetings? Moved to videoconferencing platforms.

But they don’t have to be.

Let’s Gather.

Uncork-it is offering a new kind of virtual platform for networking, presentations, tradeshows, and other events. This platform allows for organic networking and discussions and is customizable for different event types.

Enter a business-oriented virtual world, where you can explore the space, move between presentation rooms, watch videos, and video chat with nearby attendees—privately or openly.

Whether you need a tradeshow venue, holiday party, or a replica of your headquarters with private conference rooms, we can create the environment you need.

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A screenshot of the Gather interface.

We provide groups with the following services:

A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Custom maps.

Do you need a specific meeting layout? We can customize Gather to your event by adding more interactive elements and tweaking the number and location of private rooms, meeting spaces, and socializing spots.

A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Ice breakers.

Without the social grease of shared food and drink, it helps to have something to do or talk about, such as a scavenger hunt or surprise Easter eggs. Uncork-it can help you design these elements and integrate them into the Gather environment to spark interaction between attendees.

A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Introductory videos.

Uncork-it can build a custom tutorials and introductory videos to help attendees use Gather and understand the specifics of your event.

A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Event hype.

Uncork-it can help bump attendance and build excitement among attendees through creative marketing and PR activities.

A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Presentation support.

An engaging speaker with a seamless presentation can take an event to the next level. Uncork-it provides presentation support — including slide design, video production, speech writing, and rehearsals.

A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Event support.

If needed, Uncork-it will be on hand to provide on-site support during the event.

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