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Virtual holiday event spaces

Host a 2020-style holiday get-together.

Our virtual event venues mimic the interactions of in-person events with the ability to wander in and out of conversations (with video), explore your space, and uncover secret rooms!

Contact us for a tour and see how we can help bring joy to your celebrations when you can’t be together in person.

Pick from our large event spaces and our cozy family spaces

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A screenshot of the Gather interface.

Large event spaces*

$500, + $2-4/person for groups larger than 25

*Includes 10 interactive elements and a sign.

Victorian Mansion

Island retreat

Yacht (coming soon)

Cozy family spaces

$150 + $2-4/person for groups larger than 25.

Not recommended for groups larger than 25.

Woodland cottage
(coming soon)

Lighthouse cottage
(coming soon)

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